Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

We have reached Day 3 and have done about 20 hours

Well yesterday was a good day we managed to do 2 videos and upload one of them to the 2nd day page. and we will get more done later this week,


Today we are starting later – Wednesday is all about my fitness for some of you that are not aware I am 65 years of age and suffer or so they tell me from PTSD – thanks to a few trips to Vietnam and other places. Along with sports injuries and parachuting accidents I have to spend some time every day in walking, swimming, weights, therapy (just had a replacement knee put in not long back) so Wednesday we get in at least 2 – 3 hours of weights, therapy , swimming and sauna.

Its now  1pm and we are getting started 

I do not do my emails at this time – One of the things we must plan is when we are going to do emails and by that I meant read them dump them and put them into a read later folder. This I do as soon as I get out of bed and before breakfast , it takes 10 – 15 minutes . I do not do it again until about 4pm  and then at 10pm (last thing before bed)

I tend to ignore all of the garbage mails now I USED TO READ THEM, and found I was wasting hours a week, so now I figure if they are important I will read them later and if they have a video I will watch that later.

Back to work:

Classified Adverts – 30 minutes

Yesterday we did some Advertising using classified ads – now we used 3 systems , Fiverr that costs  FIVER, we used software and in my case i use power submitter by becanada  that allows me to get 1000 out automated and today I will now do the semi manual submissions – This will take me an hour or so.

We will also try and add some sites that we use to the power submitter to increase our coverage

Facebook advertising – 1 hour

There will be a video at the base of the article that will show you and explain to you how to go about placing adverts to Face Book Groups

Once again there are 2 or 3 methods we can use to do this – I use software to do this software that I got given for free when I joined one of my previous programs – however the aim here is to get this done in as short a period of time as possible and for FREE.

In the video below you will hear a simple system as to how to send your advert to 2 or 200 Face Book Groups – the first this you need to do is to have a facebook page in your name . There are many videos out on you tube that will explain how and why you do this

Then you spend time getting your name added to groups – NOW

1. Only join groups that are in the niche market that you want to become involved in – there are thousands of them out there and there are also videos (you tube) that will show you how to find them.

Join 50 a day – do not upset Face Book by joining to many too fast, this will allow you to join 200 over a week.

2. Only post to 50 a day do not over post or the system will cut you off and I have been cut off twice for 14 days at a time.

3. Do not send ads that are not pertinent to the group

4. Go into the group after you become a member and turn off the mailing system so you do not get mails, you can always go in and read the pages from day to day and make comments on the pages as this will endear you to the groups and it makes it easier to post too of they know you – I suggest that you do this daily for about 5 groups a day

We are posting to 50 groups today with the same MOBE advert we used yesterday .

Safe Lists – 30 minutes

We are going to post to the 5 new safe list sites we joined yesterday remembering that when you join some of the sites they will give you a number of free posts or points to allow you to post at least once a week.

Bulk Emailing – 90 minutes

Here we go again, on Monday we sent 12,000 emails using the cheap  auto responder or bulk mailing systems through Go Daddy – today we are going to run the same emailing system to the same people just as you would do if you were using a paid auto responder .

There are some marketers at the top end who will send an email advert to their lists every day , some send twice a day  ( that I find annoying) so I send every 2 to 3 days and I will change the subject heading to try and attract attention.

Again we are tracking the URL’s we are using so we can follow how many are clicked on and how often they get to the site (capture page) and then we can get the figures from the Get Response  program as to how many people clicked on the link and how many joined the auto responder (completed the name and email address) and then see how many followed through to the MOBE program

Remember that the URL is form Get Response so they track the figures , and you will have the numbers for the new members, and then MOBE will have the figures for those that followed through giving you some stats to work out how effective your ads are.

This bulk emailing will take  about an hour and a half 90 minutes today as I can get 10 emails done in under 6 minutes  giving me an edge now – getting 100 done in 60 minutes (while surfing my safe its sites) ( we get 30 emails per site = 3 sites in the hour or better) so we can get at least 5  domain emailing in 1.5 hrs (6,000 members contacted)

Its Dinner Time – time off for 2 hours

Bulk emailing – 90 minutes

Back again at 8pm – I am going to finish the bulk emailing – this will take me another 90 minutes or less .

Done :

Forum Posting – 30 minutes

Now I am going to grab some time on fiverr – I want some ads run for me on forums – so I am going to buy $10 worth of forum advertising and this also gives me exposure for my websites/blogs.

So get on to fiver r – click on the tab online marketing , look for either express  gigs or High Rating gigs  – or recommended. Click on the tab and search for someone in the top end of the recommenders that will post to forums for you ( remember in the future you will be able to do this as they will give you the list that they post for you)

The one that I selected was someone that will create 20 forum accounts for me and then post to this  account over 30 days using my comments and keywords and url – So we have engaged him to do this – This means that I will get 20 forums with posts and the URL for the MOBE program or even my capture page added – more likely I will use my capture page. – Time to completion – this took 30 minutes  using a 2 line advert/comment with my details and the URL

I will repeat this next week with another user. Now we spend time reading emails, watching training videos and any videos that cam with the emails – reality is I will have to write this article, correct problems with my 6 blogs, start some back linking for the blogs , however most of that is automated with Scrapebox so we can set and go to bed and it will run all night.

Done for the day and we have completed 

  • 12,000  emails sent to our lists
  • 50 Facebook Groups – total would be 250,000 users
  • Classified adverts to 250 sites
  • Posted to another 5 safe lists – 40,000 users

Join us at MOBE TODAY 

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