Day 2 of the 30 day challenge

What to do and where to start ?

One of the main problems all new internet marketers face is the age old question what to do and when to do it, or help I have no bluddy clue what to do next


Here we go and lets see what we get out of this – possibly a daily planner and a methodology for making money

Day 2 : saw me up early  9am (6 hrs sleep)

Did the breakfast thing, watched a game of rugby relaxed –

10am : Out for a walk only allowed to do 15 minutes so off we went around the block down the park and back.

11am: Remember we stated we had to do the learning and studying thing , now is my time while the brain is fresh. – So we are looking at studying a new piece of software - and answering or deleting emails  (actually mostly deleting and removing myself from lists – getting rid of the people that are not involved with MOBE, MTTB , Empower Network or Millionaire Marketing.

1 pm: Lunch and rest

2pm: Back into it – Follow up on the ads we sent last night – check the stats  and after the study period try and get another 750 ads sent

Emailing My Lists

Over the last 12 months I have bought , been sent, joined programs that provide free leads of people that are supposed to be interested in marketing online, or earning and income form home. We are about to use those leads on the understanding that

1. At least 20% will be false addresses or old email address that no longer work or are being used or monitored.

2. Of the addresses that do not bounce back 40% will not be monitored and will remain unopened

3. We will get 10% or les that request to be removed form the mailing lists ( and we must be law allow them to do so and provide a means to do that even if it is as simple as hitting reply and sending the mail back with remove in the subject line.

4. You may well be too late to attract them to your product so at least 20% may have been sold.

So with these figures why bother – You just never know ? and as we pay nothing for the emailing system and nothing for the lists all we are doing is using a little of our time than why not.

As stated in the past we use the poor mans auto responder for this and send 1200 emails per domain ( through go daddy this is the maximum per domain email address at one sitting per day)

With 10 email addresses we will be sending 12,000 email today and that will take me an hour.

Remember we must use either a company based capture page or one of your own – in this case I have used the one that I developed using the free program at Go-Daddy .
that they host for me for free.

Blasting Free Ads

As discussed yesterday we are trying to minimise the costs of doing this advertising so we have a number of options with regarding to push Classified ads out into the system – You can Try the following

1. Go to fiverr and look at all of the offers that are being made for $5 there are a number of people who have software that you can not yet afford and they will place between 200 and 500 classified ads out in the ether for you 0 a low cost option that for say $20 a week or month you can get 1,000 ads out there over a month that will last for 30 days or 60 days.

2.  Buy some software that will post the ads for you I bought the power submitter  software over the weekend for $69 (at a discount) that allows me to send over 2,000 Classifieds out - so my be next task is to learn to use it and push them out for my MOBE program (later we will repeat and do the other programs so that every week we are launching 2,000 ads ( that will take 3 weeks) rest for one week and get started again with a variation of the first ad. ( monitor your adverts by either using google to track or a tracker

3. Do it all by hand – and believe me that is not fun however if you have a list of classified ad sites that you can use – the simple method is to

Day1 – Join them all or as many as you can – get the user name ( always use the same user name and password for all of them or at least the same email address)  and password. ASdd them to a Excel file – with the user and password listed – then allow columns for the dates that you post – this allows you to go back and repeat the advert or a variation every 30 days.

Day 2. Place the adverts – do as many as you can in two hours and walk away – you should after a time be able to place 15 to 20 ads per hour – Remember it should be Cut and Paste so get all of your details on a  word or text document along with the advert this saves time

Day 3 . Rinse and repeat – place as many as you can every day even if you are only working on this for One Hour you will get 20 done

Day 4 and 5 are a repeat until you have done 200 – as you get faster in weeks 2 and 3 you will be able to place even more –

Cheats Tip: I paid $20 to get 500 ads placed then I took the proof that they provided for me and started my own list – I then joined all of them over time under my own User and PW and that was the fastest and cheapest way to build a list of classified sites.

Hey its dinner time : One hour Break

Back again for another two hours

Once again assuming you do not have a Blog to write you would either continue with one of the tasks done or get going on another path

Safe Lists -

There are some marketers out there that consider using safe lists as dumb and a waste of time , however I have a list of safe lists

( Safe lists are made by an owner with software who collects internet marketers who want to show off their product to the market, in return for being able to show off their product they either have to pay to be a member of the list or perform some task such as looking at other members products, for which they are allocated points as you accumulate points you can then send an email once a week to the list (Free) about your product – Now most lists email are only opened by about 12 to 20 percent of the members , there is also a chance that a further 10% will surf the websites to gain points . So if a list is say 10,000 members you may well get an average of 25% looking at your advert – That for Free is a good return as any sale you get from the list is for Free (less your time) – so your return on Investment ROI is 100% every time )

Back to the safe list – As I sit here typing I am surfing the system on one of my safe lists to accumulate points – when I have enough I will surf another site and so on over the week I can get to at least 10 sites , between them they have over 100,000 members (some may be in all or some of them) If the odds are true then I may well get 22,000 ads opened or looked at and its FREE

I will add a list of Safe lists here for download later in the week

This task normally takes me about an hour – again its cut and paste so depending on what advert you are using – I tend to use 2 adverts for the same product each week so this week we will do 2 adverts for MOBE AND MTTB  either the 21 steps or the license advert.Remembering I am still sending them to my capture pages and not theirs. (I need another capture page)

Bottom line its all a numbers game. The more we put out there the better the chances of a sale – as we are not buying targeted leads that are set for this niche we are spreading our ads as wide as we can.  This makes it harder but less costly – as we earn and grow we can then consider the benefits of buying targeted leads.

Well I am done – today we have done 6 hours + emails + study = 9 hours in all – nobody said it was easy.

  • Today we have produced 12,000 emails out to my lists -
  • Added one of the adverts to my small list at the auto responder (this was sent as a broadcast)
  • Sent over 1000 Free Classified ads + learned to use the program   ( This has taken over 4 hours and we have more tomorrow)
  • Sent to 10 safe lists with over 100,000 members (ps I joined 4 more lists today for Free so next week will be more)

Here is the Video on the cheap autoresponder system

Join us at MOBE and take the 21 steps 




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