Day 1 of the thirty day challenge

Day 1 and getting momentum with MTTB AND MOBE

Video will be added to this later however the first day of the challenge was a nightmare and showed why I have had a few bad weeks.

Started late as I was online till 2am on Sunday night got up and about at 10am – straight to my physio for treatment on the legs, then off to the gym for a bit of cardio and strength training and had a sauna just to top it off –

Back at 2pm – so yes technically wasted 4 hours however health and welfare must be looked after and as I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for at least an hour of mixed Cardio and weights , adding in the physio is a good thing.

Point: Look after yourself, plan for the cardio and exercise and make sure that you complete it every day or every second day -

8pm – Monday - Sat down and wrote 3 new adverts for the MOBE and MTTB took me about an hour – read a few that have been sent to me then read all about ad writing and checked an old pdf file on 100 perfect subject headings for adverts

Now I have 3 ads with 6 subject headings – and as my thrust will be on 3 types of products the main theme of the advert is generic and allows me to add differing links and subject headings for each – plus tracking .

Monday 9pm
So Monday Night sat down with the auto responder ( Get Response) and added all three of the adverts to be sent 1 per every second day over 6 days to the message planner. So that my small list (1500) gets them first and we see how many get read and any replies.

Monday 10pm
Then I sat down with the Poor mans version of the Auto responder – the go daddy online mailing programs ( There is a video about this below)  We send to lists that we have been given or bought where the lists are less than 7 days old and are in theory supposed to be double optins , however they are not good enough to be added to the legs Auto responders.

We send (800 from each emails account) and as I have 10 domains and 10 email accounts I can send 8,000 per night – this also allows me to verify the email addresses – check the bounces and refile the lists (after sorting) Refer to the video)

Monday 11pm
Then we started sending adverts out to the top 20 Free Classified sites – this was taking too long (10 minutes an advert  = 200 min) So we have had to find a better answer as we wanted to sent at least 250 a night or more – so I spent $69 on software and we now have access to sending 1000 a week all within 60 minutes from start to finish ( still studying how to use this mean machine but will get there with a video later)

Now 2 AM Tuesday Morning and we have sent

1. 40 tweets from a direct piece of software (social speed) at a rate of 1 tweet  to be repeated every  4 hours ( on 5 accounts= 30 per day) sending small versions of the advert with varying bitly or google urls- shortened to allow me to track the hits)

2. We have sent  9,500 emails to potentials with 1500 being optins

3.  We have sent 20  Free classifieds tonite by hand

4. We have done the video for the Poor Mans autoresponder

Where do you want to be in the morning


Looking forward to Tuesday nights activities.

 PS – Got banned today by FB from sending to my 100 groups – software went wild and instead of posting to 20 and pausing 24 hours it sent to the lot – lots of ads out but banned for 2 weeks

If you are reading this site then thanks – If you have not made the decision to get a better level of commissions and income then now is the time to start dimly hit the button, go on over add your basic details, watch the video and get join – Take Action Today
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