30 Day challenge – MOBE

30 day personal challenge = $12,000

I have made myself a 30 day personal challenge for 3 programs all online so everything is going to be done in triplicate.

The target is making money easy, blogging for income and developing my blogs

I need $12,000 AUD to eliminate my Credit Card debt in the next 30 Days , in the process I am going to test 4 methods of advertising and lead generation. – the debt that was created buying onto the products and buying software some of it was smart buys and some was dumb.

I am also going to document all of this with stats and methods for both my members and myself.

At the end of the 30 days I am going to look at the stats , look at the costs, work out what commissions will be due to me , the overall cost and what the ROI or return on Investment for the 30 day period.

Then I am going to wash and repeat, tweak the ones that did not work , read the comments people make (if any) work out what wasted my time and what did not . Then I am going to target the same for the next 30 days .

There are going to be some rules set up for this

1. I am not going to buy another product from now on!

2. I am going to automate as much as I can – recover time

3. I am going to spend 6 hours per week on reading and watching videos on all of the sites of the products I am going to be working with .

4. I am not going to work on any of the Saturdays due to my love of Rugby Union and my coaching of it.

During this period I am going to use specific items of software , some for the first time so I will have to develop the skills to use them and they will be for placing adverts online (Free and paid)

I will keep back linking my blogs on the same subject(s) as we are getting members to the blogs ( back linkers – they are not real members however they have real addresses and we have software on the sites that send emails within 2 – 3 hours of them posting links or signing in to post the links).  We have placed 4,208 backlinks in the last 72 hours on a slow drip using scrapebox  for several pages and every site that we have ( 8 of them) starting with 135,000 URL’s we have failed with 70,000 and as stated got 4208 placed ( and yes we will wait and see how many stick)

Blogs are :
makingmoneyeasy.net.au ( this is for MOBE AND MTTB)
bloggingforincome.com.au ( This is for Empower Network)

We will also start a brand new blog for  marketing millions.net
which will be linked direct to millionaire marketing machine

5. We will add by automation ( WP Robot 4) to the blogs that manage a post every 24 hours – and we will be adding that to the back linking as we go.

6. We will be adding a video to each of the blogs every 2 days

So its Sunday Night at 5pm Perth W.A Time  and the challenge will start at 12 midnight my time (7hrs time)

I am off to watch the World Tens out of Singapore ( My other home) and then I will start the preparations for the challenge.

Looking forward to comments and getting the job done.

Presenting trophies to the kids of Rugby

Presenting trophies to the kids of Rugby

Jock Tiernan


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