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Learn to quickly respond to customers that leave a bad review. What do you say to a customer that has a bad experience? ResoSocial in Montreal can help.
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Franchise Business And opportunities

A franchise is a method of distributing goods and services by licensing a business idea or concept to another. The “Franchisor” is the legal owner of the franchised business concept and ideas, including names and logos. The “franchisee” is the individual or entity that purchases the right to use these concepts and ideas from the “Franchisor”. A “franchise Agreement” grants to the “Franchisee” a limited license and right to use and operate a recognizable outlet within a defined “Territory”, by utilizing a pre-existing business system and proprietary marks. The franchise agreement allows the franchisor to carefully control the obligations and responsibilities of the franchisee.

Benefits :

Studies reveal that  franchise businesses experience lower default rates than independent businesses and generally have a somewhat easier time securing financing because the Franchisor typically has an established trademark and goodwill, as well as marketplace experience. Although franchises usually require upfront fees and are heavily regulated by Federal and State agencies because of their inherent risks, a Franchisee operating under one trademark can achieve levels of brand awareness, market penetration and purchasing power that business people operating individually could not ordinarily achieve.

Advertising :

Franchisor wants to control the content and nature of any advertising conducted by the Franchisee. The franchisor may provide specific advertising materials and/or require the franchisee to receive franchisor approval and comply with strict advertising guidelines. Franchisor also wants to control the frequency of advertising and will require, based on costs in a given market, specific advertising spending budgets for each franchisee.

Confidential Information :

In addition to the operating manual, the franchisee will be exposed to various proprietary information related to the operation of the franchise that the franchisor will want to remain confidential. As such, the franchisee expressly warrants that they will not divulge any information related to the franchise or franchisor’s business.

Franchise is a growing business these days irrespective of its domain If you want to start your business, you can select a franchise. Franchises are easier to start as they have an already established brand name. If you start your own venture, you have to start from the scratch; while a city based franchise is just like a readymade business available to you. There are plenty of options to choose from. Different franchises offer various types of schemes and benefits to their investors. If you are still confused about which one to pick, consider We Simplify the List of Franchise in our website.

Greetings to Everyone, I am a Franchisor, Business Consultant. I run a Think Tank, as well as do a lot of Traveling, Writing, Cycling, Flying, Volunteering & enjoy life to the fullest (no religion).

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Green Marketing – Education is Everything

There’s one thing you need to know about the green consumer. They want to know.

According to the Roper Green Gauge, over 50% reported they would do more if they only knew what and how. So moving your communications to educate and inform can do a lot to grow your green business.

While representing an eco-friendly paint company, we raised the issues of indoor air pollution which is caused in part by the out-gassing of toxins in conventional paints, stains and cleaning products. We built into their quarterly consumer catalog an educational component called “Did You Know?” Sprinkled throughout the pages were various statistics that enlightened consumers.

For instance, using EPA statistics, we informed them that “indoor air pollution is two to twenty times worse than outdoor air pollution even in a heavily industrialized city.” A few pages later, a statistic from Scientific American stated, “A baby crawling on a conventional carpet inhales the equivalent of four cigarettes a day.”

These eye-opening facts broadened their audience considerably, bringing many mainstream people into their consumer base who now understood the close-to-home benefits of their products. Then we launched the branding line for their non-toxic paints, “Beauty without the Beast.” We struck the balance between the reasons people buy their products: To beautify their homes AND avoid unnecessary toxins – the real reason for that “just painted smell.”

Most of us trust the marketplace to bring us products that are safe, useful and effective. Consumers have not trained themselves nor felt the need to examine everything that’s out there before they purchase. But that’s beginning to change.

The thousands of recalls of everything from children’s toys to chopped meat are beginning to wake up and energize a more informed consumer. They’re demanding to know more before they buy and that has profound implications for marketers.

You can build a viable base by telling an educational story. By informing how your product or service does the job well and helps the environment at the same time. That way the message is not just about saving the planet out there but improving their life right here.

No one, whether they’re an environmentally-conscious consumer or not, wants to bring unnecessary toxins into their homes, or buy unsafe toys, or use potentially harmful products. They just didn’t know they were.

When you educate, you marry emotion to intellect, the heart to the head, the planet to the person. The more you educate your customer, the more you build trust. The more you build trust, the more likely you are to win their business.

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