Education Based Marketing

Educating Your Prospects Effortlessly

Part of being able to run a successful marketing system is finding ways to automate your marketing processes. One very powerful area for automation is educating your prospects.

Educating prospects is a vital step that many small businesses struggle with.

Struggle #1 – Your ideal prospects don’t even know they need your product or service.
Struggle #2 – Your ideal prospects can’t seem to connect the dots between their problem and your product or service as a solution
Struggle #3 – Your ideal prospects each have very different problems that can be solved by your products or services by using them in different ways.

Our answer to these issues many times is the “Product Dump”.

The Print or Web Dump – “Here is our gazillion page BROCHURE”
The Verbal Shotgun Approach – “Our product or service does this, this, this, and did I mention this”
The Boring Presentation Approach – “And here on Slide 100 we show you how our product/service can do this?

Here is a more effective solution to not only overcome the product dump, but also stay top of mind with valuable prospective leads.

Automating Your Education

Have you ever heard of an autoresponder? Unlike email software, autoresponders are built very much like an email, but are sent to a lead at scheduled times after that lead has been added to a system?

Let me explain through the following example:

You meet Mary at an event and she is a perfect prospect for you business. But you can tell that she doesn’t understand how your product or service can benefit her. You want to send her 6 emails over the next three months to demonstrate the power of your solution.

You would like an email to go out the same day you enter her email address into your system that is personalized by name and tells her how much you enjoyed meeting her. It may even explain to her that she is the ideal type of person you like to work with and that you feel that your products and services may be beneficial to her at some point in the future. Therefore, you would like to send her some information from time to time to demonstrate your solutions, if that is okay with her.

Assuming it is okay, then perhaps 1 day later you send an email that explains WHY a solution is even necessary for Mary’s problem and examples of where doing nothing could be detrimental.

1 week later, you might send a third email that introduces a particular solution and invites Mary to demo it, trial it, etc.

1 month later, you want to send another with a case study on the solution and point out another valuable solution.

1 month after that, you point out another feature and perhaps a testimonial

And finally another month later, you make another offer, or perhaps invite Mary to an event. You check in on her interest level and and find out if the information you are sending is valuable. If yes, then from here on in, maybe she moves over to your enewsletter or hard copy publication for regular updates from the company.

Autoresponders like those offered by aWeber or iContact allow you to set up the content for these emails just once and then set up a schedule, so that your identified prospects receive them automatically. This mini education campaign can now work in the background while you work on other aspects of your business.

Give it a try and stop the ONE-HIT product dump. Your prospects will thank you.

About the Author…
Cidnee Stephen is the owner of Strategies for Success – a marketing company that focuses on the needs of budget minded small businesses and professional services. She has helped hundreds of small businesses get out of their peak and valley ruts to finally achieve that next vital level of success. Cidnee is also a sought after speaker, writer and blogger on marketing topics that affect small businesses and B2B service based operations. Subscribe for Free to her bi-weekly marketing tips for small businesses and also receive a special report on the 7 Steps of Marketing Success.

How to Improve your Alexa Rankings

Improve your Blogs Alexa Rankings

Website’s Ranking is the big factor at the time when it Comes to sell direct advertisement right from your blog/website. After Google Page Rank webmasters have given high importance to Alexa Ranking. Many webmasters judge your blog by just seeing your Alexa Ranking. Also most of the Advertisers contact blog owners for direct advertising which blog have good Alexa rank.
11 Tips to Increase/Boost/Improve Alexa Rank Very Quickly

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a Web Information Company by Amazon that maintains the ranking data of every website and blogs upon traffic and many other factors which is discussed in this article. Generally Alexa gets updated daily and main point of Alexa is lesser your rank better.

How Alexa Rank is Measured?

Some of we (Webmaster and blogger) think that Alexa ranks the blogs/websites according to the traffic that we receive on our blog but this truth isn’t sufficient. Alexa ranking not only depends upon the traffic but also depends upon Alexa Toolbar and many other factors which is the main part of this topic and posted below.

How to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly:-

#1 Claim/Verify Your site on Alexa:

Claiming your site on alexa gives gives full control over your site and it works like a verification process like Google AnalyticsGoogle Wapmaster Tools etc.. This will help others to know who is the owner of that site. So, it’s so important to claim your site at and also it helps in ranking better on Alexa. Go here to Claim Your Site on

#2 Add Alexa Rank Widget to your Blog:

Add Alexa rank wedget to your blog, as Alexa counts only those hits which comes under their syatem. Also if you are a blogger then you can’t ask to your every blog reader to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser but you can add Alexa rank widget in your blog.So there is no loss of having it.

#3 Install Alexa Toolbar/Extension:

Alexa rank counts counts the traffic that have toolbar installed. So, it is good to install Alexa Toolbar in your browser and also Encourage your visitors to install/use Alexa toolbar to their browser. Here, you can Download Alexa Toolbar for your browser.

#4 Write a review about Alexa on you blog:

Alexa loves backlinks to them and good reviews. So, write a good review about Alexa Ranking on you blog and give a backlink to

#5 Post Good Quality Content:

Nothing is new if we say “Content is Kind” because it is mandatory for all success blogger to write quality content. If you write quality content on your blog then other will automatically link back to you and then your backlinks will increase. Thereby increasing backlinks, traffic will increase which increases your Alexa Rank.

#6 Traffic from Bloggers & Techy guys:

This is the most important factor to be considerd that effects on your Alexa Rank this is because if you’r getting visitors who are blogger and techy guys then your Alexa Rank will increase quickly as all the blogger and Techy guys have Alexa Toolbar on their browsers.

#7 Commenting and Backlinking:

Comment on other blogs which are under similar niche to you blog and which have good traffic. This will create backlinks for your blog. Thereby increasing backlinks your Alexa rank will increase quickly.

#8 Share your Blog on Social Medias:

Various social networking websites are available. If you will not share your blog post in social networking site then how people come to know about your blog and what content are posted on your blog. So share your each blog post url on Social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.) this will not only increase your blog traffic but also boost your Alexa Rank.

#9 Update your Blog Regularly:

This is the most important factors which helps in increasing the Alexa ranking. If you will not update regularly your Alexa rank will go down and then it becomes hard to bring back you alexa ranking again. So, i strongly recommend you to update your blog regularly.

#10 Submit your Blogs in Directories:

Many blog directories are available in the internet which stores blog in categories wise. Submitting your blog (or blog post) in directories will make popular inbound links. It will increase traffic and create backlinks to your blog. Thus, good quality backlinks plays a major role in increasing PR and hence improving Alexa Rank.

#11 Fix All Broken Links:

This is last and most important point to be considered not only in case of Alexa Ranking but also in case of AdSense and other Ranking field. If your website/blog have many broken links then it surely affect on your Alexa Ranking, your ranking will go down. Evan AdSense will not approve the blog which have many broken links. So, you can use Free Broken Link Checker to check/find broken links quickly and ensure your blog doesn’t contain any broken links.


These were the top 11 Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking. Some bloggers/webmasters increases Alexa Rank very quickly. The secret behind this fact is to “Get Traffic from bloggers“. If you get traffic from bloggers and you follow above all factors that i have mentioned, then your Alexa Rank will surely improved.
  In the next article I’ll share some secret and tips about AdSense that How I Got AdSense Approved in first Attempt? and How to get AdSense Approved Quickly. Happy Blogging, Enjoy & Stay Tuned.
Have a great day
Posted by Ajit Ray 

Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups

 In A Single Click without Using Script

Post in All facebook groups at once

Posting in 200 or More Face Book Groups -

As you know facebook is #1 social networking website. It is the best place for all blogger actually not only for blogger but also its good place for all users to promote their blogs, websites, bussiness, etc. on facebook groups and fan pages. By promoting they can boost their website/blog traffic. Specially most of the bloggers and webmaster joins a lots of facebook group for promoting purpose. But how you sharing your posts/links to facebook groups? It will be very difficult to open every group then posting to each group individually.
Are you looking for any tricks which can do this job? Well, today i’m gonna tell you about how you can post/share your status in all facebook groups you have joined. It will save your lots of time. Also it will save your Internet data which would be consumed in browsing such facebook groups.

Steps To Post In All Facebook Group At Once:

  • The first things you have to do is to collecting the email addresses. This steps is not easy but not difficult also. Means you have to collect the Email Addresses of all the facebook groups you have joined or you can collect Emails addresses of only those groups where you wanna post your status at once. Some groups provides their emails in info if not then, simply collect the Username of the group by opening the group into your internet browser (as shown in the picture below).
Blogger facebook group
  • Note all the group’s Username at one place in notepad. (Press Ctrl + R, then type notepad and hit Enter to open notepad).
  • Now make/create e-mail address of facebook groups from their usernames we have collected in above steps. You just need to add/paste after username. Facebook groups Email Address will be looks like the below Email Address.

  • If you need more emails then join a lots of groups and use above mentioned method to create email from the usernames of those groups. Once you made the collection of email addresses paste them into notepad and make sure you have separated each Emails with commas.
  • The main job starts from here, login to your email address which you have used to create your facebook account or sign in to email which you have made Primary email in your Facebook account/profile.
  • Now click on Compose Email option.
  • Copy all the Email address of the facebook group you have collected and paste into the BCC field.
  • Now compose your mail with text , links etc what you wanna share/post in those facebook groups and click on Send button.
  • You’r done. now you can check that facebook groups, your status is successfully posted into all groups.


In this article I explained about the method by which we can post into multiple/selected facebook groups at once. If you’r getting trouble with any steps, Feel free to ask. Stay tuned
Posted by Ajit Ray 

Developing Low Cost Capture Pages

Low cost capture pages

This webinar was run for the MOBE group and we designed to provide a low cost method of developing low cost Capture Pages – to prevent the newbies amongst us form spending to much money with the various Lead Pages groups that are charging an arm and a leg of r the use of their Capture Pages

Feel Free to comment or contact me with regard to these

To develop your capture pages feel free to contact me or use the same information we have supplied here – Easy Sketch Pro 2

To Get with the program at MTTB Go Here 



How to Submit your sites to WEB 2.0 Directories

Web 2.0 Directories Submissions for Backlinking

There is always a case for backlinks when we write a blog post or article , often we consider that we need to write the article and then get our message out to the Social Media as outlined in the previous article (see  Submitting to Social )

It should be stated that what is just as important when we are trying to make an income online with blogs or when providing information for our members is the art of back linking through the use of Web 2.0 Directories ,


Once again there is a need to post to these on a slow and steady basis over a few days however this is a lot of hard work – and as with a lot of things we tend to outsource these minor tasks to

It is either that or we do them ourselves over a period of two week or so. Personally I am quite happy to pay a few dollars to have this done automatically and over a two week period for each site or URL (article URL) to do this we again use  IMAutomator  who have proved to be quite reliable to date.

Here is the list we use for Web Directories 

  1. Site Promotion Directory [PR 7] –
  2. High Rank Directory [PR 7] -
  4. Entire Web [PR 6] –
  5. Ice Rocket [PR 6] –
  6. Britain Business Directory [PR 6] –
  7. USA Listing Directory [PR 6] –
  8. Marketing Internet Directory [PR 6] –
  9. Submission Web Directory [PR 6] –
  10. Active Search Results [PR 5] –
  11. Olive Business Links Network [PR 5] –
  12. 247 Web Directory [PR 4] –
  13. Amidalla [PR 4] –
  14. Free Website Directory [PR 4] –
  15. FyberSearch [PR 4] –
  16. Infotiger [PR 4] –
  17. 1ABC [PR 4] –
  18. AxxaSearch [PR 3] –
  19. FeedPlex [PR 3] –
  20. Link1 Web Directory [PR 3] –
  21. Submit URL Directory [PR 3] –
  22. Top Rank Directory [PR 3] –
  23. directoryWS [PR 2] –
  24. Best SEO Directory [PR 2] –
  25. ByS.Net [PR 1] –

Once again you will see that there are PR ratings beside each site so be aware that the higher the PR rating the better the rankings with Google 

Once again – Have a great Day – Jock Tiernan

Review the other sites we have at

Submitting Your Bookmarks to Social Sites

Social Sites and Bookmarking.

Whenever we post a Blog page whether it is here in the Blog or in my Blogging For Income Blog  we need to ensure that we have broadcast that fact and the url to the Article through to as many of the Social Bookmarking sites as possible .

social media

This type of bookmarking is the best method to draw attention to the article and to your site both in the eyes of the read and in the eyes of Google .

Listed below are 72 sites that we use for bookmarking – In the past we have done these by hand however there are now automated sites that will do this for a small fee . Or you could use Fiverr to do the same thing

List of Social Media we use-

  1. Bibsonomy [PR 7] –
  2. Diigo [PR 7] –
  3. Link Arena [PR 7] –
  4. bitly [PR 7] –
  5. folkd [PR 6] –
  6. Idea Over Ten [PR 6] –
  7. BuddyMarks [PR 4] –
  8. Softsblog [PR 4] –
  9. AE Generation [PR 4] –
  10. Factson37 [PR 4] –
  11. Clay and Karen [PR 4] –
  12. Excess Solutions [PR 4] –
  13. Jodohkita [PR 4] –
  14. Pixador [PR 4] –
  15. PT Quiz [PR 4] –
  16. Alplist [PR 3] –
  17. MURL [PR 3] –
  18. Yemle [PR 3] –
  19. Polleni [PR 3] –
  20. Lime Sparrow [PR 3] –
  21. PB Flies [PR 3] –
  22. Pulsimo [PR 3] –
  23. Team JWU [PR 3] –
  24. Tote Towels [PR 3] –
  25. Tsubu List [PR 3] –
  26. Dedralong [PR 3] –
  27. Model Baju [PR 3] –
  28. Ball Big [PR 3] –
  29. Laddock [PR 3] –
  30. Ballcone [PR 3] –
  31. Backapack [PR 3] –
  32. Cheater 411 [PR 3] –
  33. IndoFeed [PR 2] –
  34. Irxam [PR 2] –
  35. Time Joob [PR 2] –
  36. My Top List [PR 2] –
  37. Sharoviki [PR 2] –
  38. VPpos [PR 2] –
  39. Add This Mark [PR 2] –
  40. Lydla [PR 2] –
  41. Arts UAE [PR 2] –
  42. Buy High PR Domain [PR 2] –
  43. CC Fov [PR 2] –
  44. DoFollow Web ID [PR 2] –
  45. Lba Optics [PR 2] –
  46. Socaym [PR 2] –
  47. Spider Robot [PR 2] –
  48. TZ Face [PR 2] –
  49. Urban Skaters [PR 2] –
  50. HLS Soft [PR 2] –
  51. Orgaliz [PR 2] –
  52. Qni Box [PR 2] –
  53. Song Leish [PR 2] –
  54. Yaftenews [PR 2] –
  55. Accury [PR 2] –
  56. Acujess [PR 2] –
  57. Aeunia [PR 2] –
  58. Asiokun [PR 2] –
  59. Audi SB [PR 2] –
  60. Bapml [PR 2] –
  61. Best Jest [PR 2] –
  62. Bostiket [PR 2] –
  63. Clickets [PR 1] –
  64. Golden Midas [PR 1] –
  65. Yoomark [PR 1] –
  66. Sfcsf [PR 1] –
  67. 4BukMark [PR 1] –
  68. Bookmarking Base [PR 1] –
  69. Windowly [PR 1] –
  70. Rate Niagara [PR 1] –
  71. S-Dir [PR 1]
  72. Delicious [PR 8]

 Have fun – Jock Tiernan

Franchise in the MLM Business

What is an MLM Franchise

Firstly let us understand what a franchise is
Wikipedia describes a franchise as

Franchise generally means a right or privilege. It may refer to:
Activities for a chain store , such a McDonalds , Burger King,  Pizza Hut and many others , these are described as

Franchising, a business method that involves licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business.

We are proposing that all internet marketers should be looking at developing their own business as owning a franchise , or developing a franchise –

To do this we have selected M.O.B.E As the best system we have found in 2013 and 2014 that provides all of the requirements that we are seeking in an online franchise

Franchise and MOBE These are :

1. License to sell the products
2. Ownership of the products
3. High end commissions for selling the products
4. The right to outsources or hire others to complete the menial tasks or the tasks that we do not want to do
5. A Franchise management group that continually updates the products that we sell and own.
6. Phone staff that make the calls to your clients at a cost to you a cost that is outweighed by the profits that you make from such sales

Watch the video below to learn more about the system we are recommending to you today – and remember we have been earning from this system from the start

join now tab

Video Marketing Checklist – 7 steps

7 steps to ensuring your videos are correct

Before getting started be sure you have: Webcam or Screen Recording Software & a good Editing Program

  1. Pick Concept or Niche (Some kind of value type of subject based around your target )
  1. Find Keyword (Use Google Keyword Planner tool based around your This is mainly for your YouTube & Blog marketing.)
  1. Shoot Video (Preferably less then 3 Good call to action shooting for interaction. Like, Comments, and Shares…)
  1. Edit Video (Put your website on top of the video as an annotation or Keeps people from swiping your videos & using it for their own promotion, as well as gives another way to get a lead.
  1. Web Optimize Video (Use Hand Break to convert video down from a HUGE file to a SMALL file… Easier to upload online & view on mobile devices…)
  1. Upload (Upload to Facebook, YouTube, and your blog if you have remember the more places this is uploaded the better.)
  1. Generate Leads (Facebook – Create a Facebook Ad promoting your video post on your Fan With your URL in the description this will generate you a ton of leads based on your targeting, value, and ad budget)

Points taken from Mike Hobbs – Empower Network with an emphasis on video marketing and lead gathering

Jock Tiernan


Face Book Training – Video 1 to 3

Video 1  Creating a Lead Generating Page on Facebook 

As discussed in a number of articles Facebook is one of the key systems that you can use for promoting your business, whether that is lead generating or whether you are actively seeking to sell your products direct.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding several new videos to assist you to develop your face book marketing. These will come from a number of sources and they will reflect changes to the marketplace over the last few months –

Pay attention to the videos  as they run from Video 1 – to 3 by Jo Barnes of the Online Marketing Addicts Blog 

Note that there are no sales l;inks on these pages they are for your education only

Video One – Creating a Lead Generating Page

Video Two – Setting up a Targeted Face Book Audience 


Video three – Create a Custom Audience and Re-Target them 

Note: There are going to be several variations on these theme and others so keep looking through the FaceBook training 

Jock Tiernan

Cash Back from Dubli – Worldwide

Getting Cash Back for Xmas from your own shopping

What a headline – and the biggest problem is that it is true

Yes Dubli has come up with a program that is win win situation for all of its new members – there are 3 sides to Dubli and we will explain all three of these in a seminar we are going to run in the next few days

At this stage do yourself and your family and friends a favour

Add Firefox to your system- and then log in to the link here for Dubli. After you log in surf the site and check to see if the shops and services that you use for your online shopping and some of your mall shopping is included in the Dubli Shopping Mall

Join as a Free member to start with – today – The send this to your friends and family members and do not be embarrassed at doing this as stated it is a win win situation for all of you – Use the send to a friend system in the Dubli website.

Download the Dubli Toolbar for your Firefox browser takes 2 minutes – then go shopping and you will be told how much you can save online.

Get Started Today and Save – Get Cashback 

More later on how all internet marketers can make money with DUBLI