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Who is Matt Couloute?

Matt Couloute is a recognized lawyer with a range of experience serving athletes, media figures and the general public. He is well know for high profile cases and can provide a range of legal services. Primarily Matt Couloute will act as a criminal lawyer, meaning that he will handle your defense in court. If you are called to court by someone attempting to file a lawsuit, or for legal transgressions, then Matt Couloute is who you want on your side to defend you.

 So what precisely does Matt Coloute do? Well as a criminal lawyer the role of Couloute is to help the defense in court cases. This means carrying out several roles and providing a range of services which are as follows:

Consultation and Reassurance: First and foremost you will be able to benefit from the expertise that Couloute has to offer by consulting regarding the nature of the court case. This is a highly important way to feel more at ease and familiar with what to expect and it’s a good way to help yourself prepare for what’s to come. If you haven’t been in a court before then you will likely be intimidated by the thought and of going to one and of not knowing what it entails. A lawyer can help you with everything from understanding the timescale, to your chances of winning, to the precise process which can put your mind greatly at ease and help you to prepare for the process as best as possible.

Advice: Your lawyer can also advise you on a range of things and that means in particular helping you to decide on how to plead. This is a highly important job of a criminal lawyer and it can help you to minimize your sentence while boosting your likelihood of success. Using a criminal lawyer is a very crucial way to decide on whether to plead guilty or innocent, whether to try to settle out of court etc etc.

Assembling the Case: They can also help you to collect evidence and design your case. There will be things that you will be likely to have overlooked, or that you simply won’t recognize the importance of, and here your lawyer or Couloute can help you to recognize what’s key to winning your case and help you to put this all together.

Defense: A criminal lawyer can then defend you in court and that means presenting all the evidence to the judge as well as coming back against the prosecution. They will also be able to call witnesses and question them and to generally handle the whole process on your behalf. Couloute is highly qualified to do this with a wealth of experience.

Appeal: If your sentence does not go the way you had hoped then this doesn’t necessarily mean game over, and a criminal lawyer can from there go about getting the sentence appealed and giving you another shot at success.

 Couloute has recently been in the media for various reasons, but first and foremost he is a great criminal lawyer who can help you to defend yourself in a variety of cases.

Couloute is a great lawyer providing a range of services. For more information on Matt Couloute and what he can do for you, follow the links.


Frank Lloyd Wright – The Genius

Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius when it came to coming up with ideas for building stylish houses, and structures that no one else would have ever come up with. He’s also one of the few designers whose houses and building designs are all over the world, such that no one city or area can claim his style of house as their own.

For instance, in Chicago, he pioneered what’s known as the “prairie” style of house, emphasizing horizontal lines while working to eliminate feelings of boxiness often inherent in housing shapes, using features like cantilevered roofs and glass corners. One famous house he built in this style is known as the Robie House, which includes a roof that cantilevers 20 feet beyond its last support and art-glass details.

Wright could also build houses to fit the décor and style of particular areas. One house he’s known for is the Gladys and David Wright Residence of Phoenix, AZ, which was constructed as a solid circle with a ramp spiraling up to the entrance, has views of Camelback Mountain, block and wood elements including the circular ceiling, with ambient lighting, concrete floors and storage components. Wright even designed an area rug, table and four chairs included with the home. This house fits in well with its desert surroundings.

But Wright’s probably best known for houses and buildings in the state of California. One of those homes, presently up for sale, is the Ennis House, built in 1924 out of concrete, the first house built not only out of concrete, but the second house built in the style known as “textile block”. You also have the Millard House, which was built in 1923 and was the first house built in the textile block style, which was also built out of concrete, but also had many wood elements that gave the house more of a warm feeling than the Ennis House ever had.

Another California house Wright build was the Harriet and Randall Fawcett Residence in Los Banos. It was designed in 1955 and completed in 1961, and is known for being one of only three house Wright made in a style he termed “usonian”, referring to his vision for the landscape of the United States, including city planning of cities and building architecture. Built on 76 acres, it’s a fantastically open design that starts with a long private driveway, a pivoting entry door that opens to the hall and living room anchored by a grand 12 foot wide fireplace.

The roof pitches up to frame the Coast Range Foothills, while the broad copper fascia holds the horizontal roof line to the earth, accentuating its oneness with surrounding nature. The house is surrounded by glass, which helps give it the feeling of openness, and includes 5 bedrooms, 4 ½ baths, an open living room, dining room, a kitchen formalized by ornamental screens, a utility storeroom, central laundry, a separate studio with bath, wine cellar, tractor bay, swimming pool, Japanese garden, Koi pond, aviary, workshop, a 3-car carport and a Walnut orchard.

These are only a few styles and designs of Wright’s work, and there are plenty more homes of his that are on sale all over California and the United States. He was truly a man ahead of his time.

Luis Pezzini
Frank Lloyd Wright


Men’s Henri Lloyd Clothing

The 2009 Henri Lloyd Clothing Line

Who doesn’t love the look offered by the iconic Henri Lloyd clothing line? With its tough yet stylish Marine clothing line that has not only protected mariners for decades, but made them look great while doing it to the red-hot footwear collection, there’s a reason Henri Lloyd has been at the top of its game since 1963.

The men’s Waterline Sandal promises and delivers a lightweight and sturdy construction. With its fast drying materials, it’s well on its way to becoming a standard item in every fisherman’s and surfer’s wardrobe. It’s both water resistant and built for maximum comfort. This durable shoe simply looks great. It’s been seen around the world and it’s with this fact we’re sure this sandal is cemented at the very top of men’s footwear.

With summer in full swing, the four pocket Chino is also a great addition and is available in white, navy and stone and what’s more, it’s made with 100% breathable cotton, making it easy to launder and even easier to wear. The flat front design adds to the overall look and the Henri Lloyd label on its back pockets tells the world it’s in the midst of classic style. They’re made for comfort and flexibility for sailing on even the roughest seas. Sturdy zippers and buttons complete the look of the shorts.

Of course, it’s the revolutionary “Atmosphere T” that’s all the buzz these days. With built-in UV protection along with an antimicrobial treatment, these super-soft tees pull double duty with ease. These are perfect tees for those who love the ocean since it’s constructed of Fast Dri polyester fabric that speeds up the drying process. What’s more, they’re very affordable and are available for both men and women. With colors such as Phosphorus, Carbon, Citrus, Optical White and Light Grey, finding your own fresh new look is easy.

Finally, consider the accessories offered courtesy of Henri Lloyd. Hats, gloves and even luggage make great gifts for everyone on your list and are sure to fit. For over forty years, Henri Lloyd has been the first name in men’s clothing. Nothing less than superior materials and high quality craftsmanship will do.

Get all the latest Henri Lloyd Clothing from Ragazzi, one of the UK’s leading online designer stores.


Get the look: Henry Lloyd


Henri Lloyd is a well known, popular designer menswear brand that originally begun by selling clothing designed for yachting, sailing and golf but has evolved to be one of the leaders in the UK clothing market by expanding their range to include wearable street wear styles, that still borrow from its original designs.  They also continue to design bespoke clothing for these sports using the latest technology and materials to provide clothing which is lightweight and offers protection from the elements, whilst also keeping up with the latest trends and fashions.

It’s no wonder then that Henri Lloyd clothing is so popular with celebrities and sports personalities.  The brand is seen all over sailing and yachting events and is a major sponsor for a number of competitions.  It’s a brand that is prestigious and respected for being a leader in producing this kind of sportswear but since the brand’s formation in the 1960s it has developed to be an everyman’s brand that can be seen worn all over the UK high street.  The looks are smart but relaxed and feature plenty of wardrobe staples that will be relevant for more than just a season.  Staple items like jackets and trousers will be a key part of your wardrobe for many years and are worth the investment.

Preppy casual is a key look for 2012 and you’ll find many items in our Henri Lloyd clothing range that will really fit the trend.  If it’s cool guy on campus you’re looking for, take a look at the Henri Lloyd chinos and knitted cardigans in our collection that will be sure to impress.  The clothing is made from high quality fabrics and designed to last, perfect to wear no matter the weather thanks to their innovative way of producing clothing that will protect from the wind and rain.  Whilst we’d like to believe that this will be a BBQ summer (aren’t we promised this every year?), the pessimist in us will still be investing in one of the Henri Lloyd lightweight windbreakers, available in a range of attractive colours, in the event that this summer proves to be a wash out.  We’ll still keep our fingers crossed and our sunglasses on standby though, just in case.

The ‘marine’ look has been making appearances on the catwalk for the last few seasons and it looks like it’s going to be sticking around for the long term.  Henri Lloyd clothes have been a major influence in this look and whilst other brands have taken inspiration from the brands original concept, we say, there’s nothing better than the real thing, and many would agree with us.  Key items like Henri Lloyd jumpers and jackets feature high quality designs that have a strong heritage and a reputation for being long lasting as well as getting better with age. 

For the perfect casual look this spring/summer, invest in a pair of Henri Lloyd clothing with a stripe knitted jumper for cool daytime style and finish off with a pair of deck shoes to complete the look.  All you need now is the sea breeze and beer, which sadly we can’t provide for you! 

We add new Henri Lloyd menswear items to Ragazzi every week so make sure you keep checking back to see the latest styles.  We also have some great Henri Lloyd jumpers sale items with up to 50% off the original prices; grab yourself a bargain before they’re all gone!


Phil Stott is a senior editor and working in the fashion industry from last 10 years and last few weeks working on new summer clothing trends brought by Henri Lloyd Clothing.

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